Animal One has always cared about the health and well-being of animals and for this reason the breeding is non-intensive.

Therefore, the puppies’ availability may vary. Contact us to find out the next availability!

The Toy Poodle has always been considered a very faithful and loyal dog and it’s one of the noblest breeds. It has an intelligence out of the ordinary, for this very reason it is easy to educate.

A poodle knows how to be a wonderful life partner, bringing happiness within a family context; as well as having an elegant and proud appearance, it is an animal that is always active, obedient and playful, never backing down when faced with any stimuli.

The coat is rich, curly and needs to be taken care of.

In our Toy Poodle breeding farm we have many poodle puppies available with the guarantee that they are sold in the safest and most regular conditions.

They have microchip, health record, vaccinations and dewormings already carried out.

The Toy Poodle puppies available come in a variety of colors and shades, including: red poodle, fawn poodle, black poodle, silver poodle.

Come to our stores in Milan, your toy poodle is waiting for you!

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Our breeding farm

Toy Poodle Breeding

Since 2018, Animal One has been committed to breeding Toy Poodles, purchasing and selecting them from the best Italian and foreign breeders. The selection takes place by choosing among subjects who are characteristic for their morphological typicality and character: in order to be bred by us, all Toy Poodles must comply with the standards posed by ENCI, also known as the Italian National Canophilia Organization.

We raise our poodles in a homely environment, in close contact with all the family members, so as to keep the focus on the psycho-physical and mental well-being of the animal during its development. We prefer to breed only a few subjects in order to keep them inside a house that is clean and easy to manage, preventing them from growing up in small and confined spaces such as a cage.

Trust those who are certified

The Genealogical Certificate (Pedigree)

We apply a microchip to each of our puppies. This will allow them to be already recorded in the canine registry, completing all the procedures for issuing the ENCI pedigree. The pedigree is the certificate of registration in one of the the Registers of the Genealogical Book.

It is issued and printed exclusively at the ENCI headquarters and is sent to the breeder or to the ENCI Delegation of Territorial Jurisdiction of the new puppy owner if they are indicated when submitting the application for registration.

Importance of the pedigree

Have the dog’s personal and identification data guaranteed

Have the registration number in the Registers of the Genealogical Book

Know the genealogy of the dog (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents)

Have a list of ancestors who were champions of beauty or work in Italy or abroad

Know the personal data of the owner and the breeder

Definite list of the dog’s various past changes of ownership

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