Animal One in Milan has been offering a wide selection of food, supplies and accessories for dog, cat or pet for more than twenty years, including brands and lines of luxury and professional products that you can only find here.

Food for dogs, cats and pets in Milan

In our shops in the center of Milan you will be welcomed by highly specialized personnel who will be able to advise you on the most suitable food according to your pet’s needs, including specific products for various pathologies, allergies and food sensitivities or special diets.

Animal One carefully selects the brands by evaluating their quality in order to guarantee the best food for your dog, cat or other pets.

The main brands we deal with are: Acana, Almo Nature, Dottor Clauder’s, DRN, Exclusion, Farmina, Genuina, Hill’s Prescription Diet, Monge, Natua, Natural Code, Oasy, Orijen, Oxbow, Royal Canin, Salmoil, Schesir, Terra Canis, Terra Felis, Toto, Versele-laga, Vet Life.

acana rivenditore milano

Acana food for dogs and cats is produced with the best animal proteins, limiting the consumption of carbohydrates through the use of fruit, berries and vegetables with a low glycemic content.

almo nature reseller retailer in milan

Almo Nature produces completely natural foods for dogs and cats, using ingredients with a high nutritional and biological value.

Dr Clauder's reseller retailer in milan

Dr Clauder’s produces food supplements, croquettes and wet food for dogs and cats.

DRN reseller retailer in milan

DRN (De Rerum Natura) offers complete and complementary foods for dogs and cats with the use of natural ingredients and organic meat from non-intensively reared animals.

The lines you can find at Animal One

  • Solo
  • Catnivor
exclusion reseller retailer in milan

Exclusion produces dry and wet food, natural and single-protein croquettes to promote a balanced and dietetic diet for dogs and cats.

Farmina makes its foods with high biological value raw materials without artificial preservatives.


Genuina products are complete foods for pets with vegetables that can be substituted for meals and supplemented with dry meals (croquettes).

hill's prescription diet  reseller retailer in milan

The Hill’s Prescription Diet line is thought out to provide the right nutrition in response to particular pathologies or diets of your dog or cat.

monge reseller retailer in milan

Monge offers a wide range of dry and wet food products suitable for every need of breed, size, lifestyle and age.

natua reseller retailer in milan

Natua produces wet food for dogs and cats by hand and uses only 100% natural products.

natural reseller retailer in milan

Natural Code wet foods for dogs and cats are made with certified high quality raw materials.

oasy reseller retailer in milan

Oasy products for dogs and cats are dry and wet foods formulated with natural ingredients to meet the various nutritional needs of the animal.

orijen rivenditore milano

Orijen croquettes for dogs and cats follow the evolutionary adaptation of the animal through a diet rich in proteins and low in cereals using biologically appropriate fresh ingredients.

oxbow reseller retailer in milan

Oxbow produces complete and complementary products, including hay and feed, for rodents such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, rats and mice.

royal canin reseller retailer in milan

Royal Canin produces croquettes, crunchies and wet food for dogs and cats, paying attention to every stage of life and size of the animal. Among the product lines available there is the Veterinary Diet, specifically designed to respond to particular pathologies.

salmoil reseller retailer in milan

Salmoil, produced by Necon, is a complementary food for dogs and cats that can be used in BARF, homemade diets and with dry or wet pet food in response to the various needs of the animal.

terra felis terrafelis fashion reseller retailer in milan

Schesir produces wet and dry food for dogs and cats with 100% natural materials suitable for all ages of the animal.

toto food fashion reseller retailer in milan

The Laboratorio Dottori Piccioni produces the Toto line, complete dry and wet foods, targeted and personalized dietetic products for dogs and cats.

versele-laga fashion reseller retailer in milan

Versele-laga produces food for all types of pets, dogs, cats, small pets such as rodents, rabbits, but also for reptiles, birds and fish.

vetlife rivenditore milano

Farmina Vet Life, Farmina’s veterinary line, produces dry and wet food for dogs and cats to respond to specific chronic or acute health problems of pets through targeted nutrition.

Clothing and accessories for dogs and cats

In our shop you can also find items and accessories for dogs and cats.

We only deal with products from niche and luxury companies, design and avant-garde objects, all very technical and made of indestructible materials. The main brands are the following: Cat Ekò, Fashion Dog, Ferplast, Ferribiella, Hog Dogfuton, Hurtta, My Dog, My Family, Orbiloc, Trixie, United Pets, Weenect.

Some of the accessories that you can find in our 3 offices in Milan are:

  • coats;
  • bowls;
  • kennels;
  • collars, harnesses and leashes;
  • games and interactive games.
cat-eko fashion reseller retailer in milan
fashion-dog fashion reseller retailer in milan
ferplast fashion reseller retailer in milan
ferribiella fashion reseller retailer in milan
hog-dogfuton fashion reseller retailer in milan
italian-pet-fashion reseller retailer in milan
my-family fashion reseller retailer in milan
orbiloc fashion reseller retailer in milan
trixie fashion reseller retailer in milan
united-pets fashion reseller retailer in milan
weenect fashion reseller retailer in milan

Accessories for the care and well-being of dogs and cats in Milan

Dog hygiene products are essential to ensure the health and well-being of dogs and cats and choosing the right products has a big impact.

Furthermore, hygienic care helps prevent diseases and infections. You have to choose the products based on the needs of the animal.

This is why we only deal with high quality brands: Advantix, Artero, Beaphar, Bunny, Derbe, Frontline, Hunter, ICF, Inodorina, Joki Dent, Kong, Seresto, Steramina, Weenzees.