Animal One offers the ideal solution for taking care of your animals with the boarding service for dogs, cats and small animals such as rabbits.

If you live in Milan or its surroundings and you don’t know where to leave your pet when you’re away, you can rely on our highly qualified staff for short or long-term stays according to your needs.

For an optimal management and a correct accommodation we adopt different solutions based on the size of the animal.

Animal boarding in Milan

Boarding for larger-breed dogs

To meet the needs of larger-breed dogs, which by their nature require large spaces, your dog will be taken to a trusted external structure just outside Milan, where he can be at ease and enjoy the nature. More information is available by phone or at our stores.

boarding for large dogs milan

Boarding for small dogs, cats and pets

To ensure all our animal guests the space they deserve, there are only 12 boxes of about 4×3 meters for cats and 20 very spacious boxes of about 2 floors capable of accommodating small pets.

Each box is equipped with all types of comfort:

  • There is a specific gym for cats and rabbits, to give them the opportunity to climb and keep their muscles active;
  • Fresh, drinkable water available at the designated drinking fountain;
  • An environment studied in detail, with comfortable kennels, scratching posts for cats and brain stimulation games to keep them stimulated and not let them get bored
  • At the admission, each animal receives its brand new kennel kit, to utilize during the stay.

Every day, our staff takes care of the well-being of our guests with:

  • Coat care, brushing and cleaning with refreshing wipes;
  • Deep cleaning and sanitization of boxes and litter boxes;
  • Feed with high quality croquettes or, if needed, of wet food from the best brands for dogs and cats or hay from the best brands for rabbits;
  • Sending photos and videos of the animal to the owners throughout the stay;
  • Affiliation service with Fontana Veterinary Clinic for any emergencies.

In addition, with a surcharge it is possible to add:

  • Animal Taxi service: our vehicle homologated for animal transportation will come to your home to pick up and return your friend.
  • Professional grooming service: at the end of the boarding period it is possible to arrange a professional grooming at our headquarters, sparing the animal the stress of further travel.
boarding service for dogs, cats and small pets in milan

Opening hours

Our boarding service is available in our store in via S. Gregorio 25 in Milan

from monday to friday

from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Book now the boarding service for your dog or cat in Milan or contact us for further information