Animal One is…


Animal One was born in 1999 from the desire for a renewal involving lifestyle, work and personal habits.

Entering the pet world was a great challenge for us.

We were catching glimpses of changes in the animal-man relationship and of the development of a market more attentive to the needs of both.

New qualified figures were born such as dog educators, behavior experts and new disciplines like pet therapy.

At the same time, there was also a greater attention to nutrition, to the purchase of increasingly technical accessories and high-tech materials.

Constant study and training has allowed us to become nowadays, in the city center area of Milan, the brand-point of reference for many citizens.

Animal One is based on a work team composed of passionate and prepared young people who have fully embraced our project.

We want to recreate a familiar and welcoming environment where we can interact with people who share our same passions and interests, creating a unique shopping experience.

About us

Marco Agnello and Silvia Bachis, Animal One’s founders.

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